Kylemore Abbey in Ireland


Inaugurating the Global Cooperative Trust

Conference Dates: June 6-9, 2016

Location: Kylemore Abbey, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland

The immediate impetus for this meeting springs from a conference on climate investing held at the University of Notre Dame in September 2015. The conference focused on the prospects for shifting financial investments from conventional sources of energy to renewables.

There were several highly informative and inspiring presentations. For example, John Fullerton, founder of the Capital Institute, challenged the audience to think differently about the capital markets, banking, carbon sinks, and impact investing. On the same panel Mark Campanale, co-founder of Carbon Tracker, shared his organization’s groundbreaking work on the carbon bubble and the inevitability of stranded assets. On the morning of the last day Laurence Brahm, founder of the Himalayan Consensus, gave a moving multi-media presentation on China’s growing commitment to a clean environment. He noted that this effort could be an example for the entire world. Another panelist, Sam Pitroda, the father of the telecom and IT revolutions in India, then advocated that it was now time to redesign the world.

The applause of the audience was confirmation that the time has indeed arrived to reorient the systems and processes governing human affairs to support the flourishing and well-being of all. As a follow-up, it was subsequently decided to hold a small, focused event at Kylemore Abbey in Ireland.

Additional Information

Redesigning the World is a carbon-neutral conference.  This includes offsetting international air travel for attendees.